Vision Checklist for Parents and Teachers
1 in 4 kids have a vision problem that can interfere with learning

Watch for early signs of vision impairments such as Amblyopia and Strabismus.  Early detection greatly increases chances that treatment will be successful and normal vision develop.  Children should be examined by an eye doctor during infancy and preschool years to detect potential vision defects.

Early examination is particularly important if any member of the family has had Amblyopia (lazy eye) or Strabismus (deviating eyes).  Testing of eye teaming skills (binocular vision and binocular depth perception) should be a part of every child's comprehensive eye examination.

Look for these signs and symptoms:

1.  Turns or tilts head to see
2.  Squinting or closing of one eye
3.  Excessive blinking or squinting
4.  Holds the book or object unusually close
5.  Frequently loses place and fatigues easily
6.  Bumps into things or drops things.

Remember early detection and treatment is the key to success !

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